Many homes come with their fireplace, and changing the look or function of a fireplace and mantel can be frustrating. Store-bought options may not fit the style of your home, or maybe you want your mantel to do more than just look pretty. A popular trend for fireplace mantels is turning them into entertainment centers, mounting the TV just above the mantel. This setup presents a design challenge as there is usually a mass of cords, wires and components to hide around the mantel somehow. This challenge is just what Dimick Custom Renovations has experience in overcoming. When we build a custom fireplace mantel, we work with our client to design a piece that matches their home’s look and style, and we create a unique and convenient way to hide the components of their entertainment system.

Here we built a fireplace mantel and its side cabinets to match the white, framed look that was everywhere else in the room. Our client liked the smaller cabinets as a means for display and storing her TV components. We have found that cabinets are almost required if you want to mount your TV above a fireplace. Otherwise, there is nowhere to store components like DVD players and gaming equipment. Many of our clients also think the fireplace looks unfinished without some sort of visual flanking, which cabinets or bookshelves often provide. We built these half-cabinets with recessed paneling that echoed the square mount behind the TV and the architectural detailing of the corbels.