Wood window work and professional Carpentry & Painting Knoxville, Tn.

The task of taking care of repairs and routine window painting is often neglected by homeowners.  To avoid expensive carpentry and or window replacement schedule an in home inspection to estimate window woodwork, carpentry and painting.  We also provide optional estimates for replacement windows and doors when needed.

Window Repair or replacement.

Dallas woodwork takes and old fashion approach to replacing windows.  When possible carpentry repairs,  window glazing, oil priming and painting is recommend before replacing.  Older windows and doors come from old wood growth lumber that is often made from better materials than what we find available today in new home construction and the big home centers.

Lead paint is an important factor, in severe cases refurbishment can be more costly than replacement.  When we inspect your home you can count on a detailed estimate with recommend options with written repairs and or replacement.

 Window services:

  • Glazing, glass points and window pane replacement
  • Glaze removal and restoration
  • Lead safe containment
  • Window frame cleaning and painting
  • Wood Window and screen replacement
  • Window sill and frame repair and replacement
  • Brick, siding, roof and window flashing
  • Wood window shutter repairs and installation

Interior and Exterior window staining and painting.

In most cases an off white oil base enamel finish is common for the interior painting of of windows that are most often made from yellow pine.  We typically find stain and varnished finishes in windows made with hardwoods for the interior side of studies, formal Dining and living rooms but in some cases all the windows in a home may be stained and varnished.  Wood windows can be costly to repair and replace so it is important to always use a good penetrating oil primer along with a premium grad exterior enamel paints for exterior window sides and trim work.

Window screens and drip guards.

Before you remove and throw away those dirty old window screens please remember that the screens are there to protect your windows.  It is much better to clean and or replace the screens when possible.  Keeping your window screens in place will keep your windows protected for many years to come.  The majority of the windows that are repaired or replaced by Dimick Custom Renovations are often missing window screens. The windows with good screen protection are always in better shape when removed for repairs and painting.